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Personal protection

Personal Protection


For clients looking to provide financially for their loved ones should they die. Critical Illness also available.

Whole of Life

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Life cover that pays out when your client dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Income Protection

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Provides your client with a monthly income if they are unable to work due to illness or injury.

Business protection

Business Protection

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Financial protection for business owners and key people in the event they die.

Business Whole of Life

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Help to financially protect your client’s business by providing a cash lump sum when a key individual dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Relevant Life


Businesses looking for a tax-efficient way of providing death in service benefits to their employees, including company directors.


Critical illness

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For clients wanting to provide financial support for themselves and their family in the event they are diagnosed with a critical illness, allowing them to focus on recovery.

Multi-fracture cover

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Our multi-fracture cover is designed to provide a level of financial support helping to cover any bills or income lost from your client’s inability to work through injury.



We've worked hard to ensure our claims process is as quick and easy as possible at what can be a difficult time.


A digital underwriting experience with the option to delegate underwriting questions to your clients.


Access to a team of rehabilitation nurses, mental health specialists and physios working out how to help your client get better.

Zurich Support Services

An independent team of counsellors, advisers and legal experts are there for your client and their family.

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Our range of tools could help make yours and your client's life easier.

Protection platform support

How to videos, webinars and your most frequently asked questions answered.

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