Larger text

The following keyboard shortcuts can be used to zoom in or out on a page.


Zoom In: Ctrl ++

Zoom Out: Ctrl +-

Reset: Ctrl + 0


Zoom In: Cmd ++

Zoom Out: Cmd +-

Reset: Cmd +0

Page zoom may also be controlled using the following sequences:

IE 5 and above: Page > Zoom > Zoom In or Zoom Out

Safari: Menu > View > Zoom > Zoom In or Zoom Out

Mozilla Firefox: Menu > View > Zoom > Zoom In or Zoom Out

Google Chrome: Menu > Zoom > Zoom In or Zoom Out

Turn Images Off

Images can be removed using the following sequences:

IE 5 and above: Tools> Internet Options > Advanced > Multimedia > Uncheck ‘Show pictures’

Safari: Menu > Preferences > Appearance > Uncheck ‘Display images when the page opens’

Mozilla Firefox: Tools > Options > Content > Uncheck ‘Load images automatically’

Google Chrome: Menu > Settings > Show advanced settings> Privacy > Content settings > Do not show any images