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    St. James's Place

    Zurich has a wide range of protection solutions designed to support you and your clients. Our range of solutions are designed to provide personal, family, mortgage, business and IHT protection. We'll provide the support you need through our dedicated team of consultants, underwriters, servicing and claims teams. 

    For all New Business inquiries, please call us on:

    0800 0113772


    Important Website Registration information - please note:

    We want you to have the best possible experience and ensure that you and anyone else who writes or supports your business can access the new protection platform. Please read the following guide on accessing the Zurich Protection Platform:

    1. Please register your firm using St. James's Place FCA number 195351 and your own FRN number. You will need to create a super-user administrator with paraplanner rights (this role can set up paraplanners and see all Partners) and at least one Partner to submit business on the system.

    2. There are three roles that can access our system.

    a. Partners(advisers) simply need to login with your current username/password or Unipass certificate. You must ensure that you do not want to be set up as admins or paraplanners because once set up as an adviser, the role cannot be changed and you will need to create a new user. You can follow the instructions on the registration site

    b. Most Administrators will have been set up already, if you haven’t been set up for a firm, please contact our Agency Enquiries team

    c. Paraplanners can be set up by the administrator following the instructions on the registration site

    3. For larger firms, most people will want to be set up as Partners (1a) with some administrators and paraplanners.

    4. For sole traders, you must have at least 1 Partner set up or you will get an error when you try to transact business with us. The suggested way to set this up is:

    a. Set up your administrator with paraplanner rights (this should have been done – see 1b above)

    b. Set up your Partner

    c. From this point forward, you can login as the administrator who can place all the business also on behalf of the Partner. During this time you will have two usernames – however once setup you only need to use the admin username.

    d. In 12 months’ time our system will warn that the unused adviser account will be disabled. We recommend signing in to all usernames at least once every 12 months to keep them active.

    All cases must be submitted online, except Enhanced Gift Plan applications using the paper application and current agreed St. James's Place process that is already in place.

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    Personal Protection


    For clients looking to provide financially for their loved ones should they die. Critical Illness also available.

    Whole of Life

    child on bicycle

    Life cover that pays out when your client dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

    Income Protection

    father and son

    Provides your client with a monthly income if they are unable to work due to illness or injury.

    Business Protection

    man on wheelchair

    Financial protection for business owners and key people in the event they die.

    Business Whole of Life

    solar panels

    Help to financially protect your client’s business by providing a cash lump sum when a key individual dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

    Relevant Life


    Businesses looking for a tax-efficient way of providing death in service benefits to their employees, including company directors.

    Additional benefits

    Critical Illness

    For clients wanting to provide financial support for themselves and their family in the event they are diagnosed with a critical illness, allowing them to focus on recovery.

    Multi-fracture cover

    Our multi-fracture cover is designed to provide a level of financial support helping to cover any bills or income lost from your client’s inability to work through injury.


    We've worked hard to ensure our claims process is as quick and easy as possible at what can be a difficult time.


    A digital underwriting experience with the option to delegate underwriting questions to your clients.


    Access to a team of rehabilitation nurses, mental health specialists and physios working out how to help your client get better.

    Zurich Support Services

    An independent team of counsellors, advisers and legal experts are there for your client and their family.

    Ajminder Sahota

    Aj Sahota

    Mobile: 07875 888657


    Locations covered:
    Cambridge, Nottingham 

    Gregory Blatt

    Greg Blatt

    Mobile: 07875 398691


    Locations covered:
    Elstree, Westerham

    Amanda Thomas

    Amanda Thomas

    Mobile: 07875 887013


    Locations covered:
    Belfast, Leeds, Liverpool & Manchester, Manchester Academy

    James Peacock

    James Peacock

    Mobile: 07875 887205


    Locations covered:
    Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Newbury, Solent

    Jude Reynolds

    Jude Reynolds

    Mobile: 07875 398560


    Locations covered:
    Hamilton Place, Kingsway, Large Business Unit, Solihull, Solihull Academy, Canary Wharf

    Paul McDowell

    Paul McDowell

    Mobile: 07875 886898


    Locations covered:

    Amanda Thomas

    Emma Lindsay

    Mobile: 07875 887803


    Locations covered:
    Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Newcastle

    Team Phone Email
    Consultant Support 0800 783 0034
    Product and Technical Support 0370 6092178
    Pre-application Underwriting 0370 243 0901
    Large Case Underwriting 01793 505 754
    New Business and Pipeline 0800 0113772
    Policy servicing 08085 546 546

    We may record or monitor calls to improve service.

    There are a number of ways you can help us to help you:  

    • Where you have keyed the Direct Debit (DD) details on to the platform, there is no need to send us a paper DD
    • There is also no need to send us paper AMRAs. Where one is needed, our system will generate it automatically and email to the client, who can then sign it electronically
    • Our online trusts include built-in validation which ensures easier and accurate completion
    • For inquiries concerning weight please use the online calculator. This will provide outcomes for all BMI ranges and evidence requirements.

    Paper Protection Application

    Our only route is online applications, ideally via interactive submission or using the data capture form, except for Enhanced Gift Plan applications. We appreciate in exceptional circumstances a paper application may still be required.

    • How do I issue the plan or have the policy issued?
      We have created a How To video which highlights how to quote and apply, including the steps taken to issue a policy. To watch the video, please visit our Quote and apply journey page.
    • Do I need to provide the customer email address?
      We need the customer's email address as this is used as the logon to their portal, where they will be able to view their policy documents and change basic details like their address or direct debit. If the policy is joint life, please ensure both lives provide a separate email address as both lives are given their own customer portal access.
    • How do I see what is outstanding on the pipeline?

      We have created a How To video which highlights how to manage policies, applications and quotes on the pipeline, to watch it, please visit our Life Protection Platform.

    • Have you received the GP report? Have you received the AMRA?
      For GP reports, AMRAs and Medical appointments, the pipeline will be updated once processed.
    • Do I need to send in paper DDIs or paper AMRAs?

      No. As long as you have entered these online you do not need to send the paper versions.

    • Do I need to submit paper trusts?
      No. Completing Trusts online avoids duplication and will ensure that fields are completed fully before creating the Trust, reducing the number of common errors that come with paper submissions. We will accept St.James's Place own paper trusts, notably for Enhanced Gift Plans.