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Welcome to Zurich's Protection Proposition

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Zurich has a wide range of protection solutions designed to support you, your business and your clients. Our range of solutions are designed to provide personal, family, mortgage, business and IHT protection. We'll provide the support you need through our dedicated team of consultants, underwriters, new business, servicing and claims teams.

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Latest news update

Thank you for the business you have been submitting to us. The breadth and quality of our new protection proposition we believe, is now market leading and creates exciting opportunities as we move into 2019.

The successful launch has, however, created challenges within our service areas, and we know that you will have experienced an increase in wait and response times. In light of the issues we now have a specific New Business and pipeline number that should give you quick access to our teams – please use 0800 0113772

For more information on what we are doing to support your business with us please download Zurich protection update pdf.

Important Website Registration information - please note:

We want you to have the best possible experience and ensure that you and anyone else who writes or supports your business can access the new protection platform. Please read the following guide on accessing the Zurich Protection Platform:

1. There are three roles that can access our system.

a. Partners(advisers) simply need to login with your current username/password or Unipass certificate. You must ensure that you do not want to be set up as admins or paraplanners because once set up as an adviser, the role cannot be changed and you will need to create a new user. You can follow the instructions on the registration site

b. Most Administrators will have been set up already, if you haven’t been set up for a firm, please contact our Agency Enquiries team

c. Paraplanners can be set up by the administrator following the instructions on the registration site

2. For larger firms, most people will want to be set up as Partners (1a) with some administrators and paraplanners.

3. For sole traders, you must have at least 1 Partner set up or you will get an error when you try to transact business with us. The suggested way to set this up is:

a. Set up your administrator with paraplanner rights (this should have been done – see 1b above)

b. Set up your Partner

c. From this point forward, you can login as the administrator who can place all the business also on behalf of the Partner. During this time you will have two usernames – however once setup you only need to use the admin username.

d. In 12 months’ time our system will warn that the unused adviser account will be disabled. We recommend signing in to all usernames at least once every 12 months to keep them active.

Please submit all +£5m Sum Assured cases using the paper application and using the current agreed St. James Place process that is already in place.

Paper Protection Application

Our preferred route is online submission using the data capture form that can be found in the document library, however we appreciate in exceptional circumstances a paper application may still be required.