Quote and apply journey

To help you through the quote and apply process on our Life Protection Platform, we have created a number of how to videos and and answered your most frequently asked questions.

Zurich Life Protection Platform

 Do I need to provide the customer's email address?

Yes, we need the customer’s email address as this is used as the logon to their portal, where they will be able to view their policy documents and change basic details like their address or direct debit. If the policy is joint life, please ensure both lives provide a separate email address as both lives are given their own customer portal access.

How do I add different payers to different policies?

Before you have issued the policy as long as you have input payer details, you can edit (including add) payers by returning to the ‘payment details’ screen. After you have issued the policy you will need to call Zurich Life Servicing on 0370 241 6958.

Why have I received/how do I accept alternative terms?

After a ‘non-standard’ underwriting decision has been applied (an alert will go out once a decision has been made). The revised decision will present with two options (if applicable) and the opportunity to quote different terms.

Please note:

  1. If you take the opportunity to ‘Amend Cover’ and quote on different terms you should click ‘Reset Product’ after every additional quote you do not wish to proceed with. This will enable you to re-quote up to the original sum assured
  2. If a higher sum assured or additional benefits are selected then it will run back through the underwriting engine.

Once terms have been selected you can go on to complete the rest of the application and input start dates. Please note head office do not have access to be able to produce rated quotes or issue applications on your behalf.

Why can't I find a previously completed quote?

It is only possible to pick up a quote if the user has progressed to the quote summary screen.

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