Firm set up

For the purposes of providing our services, users of the platform agree to the collection, storage and use of any personal information supplied by the user, the firm's authorised signatory or the Firm Administrator. This information will include the individual user’s title, name, firm address and contact details.
Firm details
Administrator details
If you are unsure of your current username please see the additional guidance information at the bottom of the page.
Administrators can also have paraplanner rights. This means that they can do the activities we described in our email as an administrator but also work on behalf of an adviser. If this is not set at outset it cannot currently be added at a later date.

Current username guidance notes

For existing users of ZHub (who login using username and password)

You can only use your current username once per FRN being set up. If you need to be an administrator on multiple FRNs, then you should consider which FRN you want your existing username linked to. Your existing username must match up with the FRN’s FCA number.

For the other FRNs that you need to be the administrator, please follow the instructions in the ‘new user (Not a ZHub user)’ section.

Existing user of ZHub (who login using Unipass)

If you can't remember your current username because you login using your Unipass certificate, login to ZHub as normal and you can view your current username in the My Profile section.

New user (not a ZHub user)

Register for the existing ZHub here to create your own username.  If you are a Unipass certificate user, register with your certificate and then obtain your username from the My Profile section.