Maximum Monthly Benefit Calculator

  • This calculator will help you to work out the maximum benefit your client can apply for under a Zurich Income Protection policy.
  • The maximum amount that your client can apply for is 80% of their net earnings over the last 12 months.
  • This cannot exceed more than £ 20,000 per month and this limit will take into account all income protection policies your client has with Zurich and any other provider.

Gross earnings definition

For employed clients please enter the client's gross earnings (Including basic salary, overtime payments, benefits in kind as defined and valued by HM Revenue & Customs, bonuses paid in the last 12 months, commission payments, and before any deductions are made for employee pension contributions or charges for flexible benefits or salary sacrifice arrangements).

If your client is a director of a private limited company, please also include their share of any pre-tax profits of that company.

If your client is self-employed, please enter their share of the post-tax profits of their business.