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Supporting customers in times of uncertainty

08 April 2020

From advice on protecting yourself and your family from illness to counselling support, added-value services in protection are amazing. And in times of uncertainty, they can prove invaluable.

Mother and daughter

Protection has changed. Your clients don’t just buy a policy (or two). They gain access to one of the best kept secrets in all of financial services: value-added services.

These include – and the following is by no means exhaustive – advice on how to keep yourself healthy, managing illness and stress; guidance on marriage and separation; and support on daily living.

Geoff Butcher, UK claims officer at Zurich, which offers Zurich Support Services for free to all protection customers and their families, said: “It is a massively valuable but, to be honest, under-used resource. Advisers’ clients and their families can get advice on pretty much anything!

“The idea is that customers should use it throughout the lifetime of their policy, particularly as it can help prevent an issue escalating.”

Zurich Support Services

Zurich introduced Zurich Support Services more than ten years ago. It began life as a support service for employees before somebody realised its potential value to customers.

Today, Zurich Support Services is run by an independent team of counsellors, advisers and legal experts. They’re a phone call away whenever advised clients – or members of their family – need them.

One thing Geoff would like to highlight to advisers and clients is the value of Zurich Support Services as a preventative measure.

Zurich employs a professional team of six nurses who are able to help policyholders: two general nurses; two mental health nurses; an occupational health nurse; and a physiotherapist.

The team of professional nurses can offer guidance on how to stay healthy, what measures to take to protect yourself against the virus, or even mental health support on how to stay positive. This could be of a particular importance to people who already suffer from anxiety and stress.

Your clients who have a Zurich Protection policy can get in touch with Zurich Support Services by calling us on 0800 326 5061.

Zurich Support Service: A snapshot

As well as professional consultations and counselling, ZSS provides information, resources and referrals to services available and nearby to customers, on issues including:

Daily living: Consumer rights; debt and money management.

Life events: Marriage and cohabitation, separation and divorce, moving home, bereavement and loss.

Personal: Emotional well-being, managing stress, anxiety and depression, disability and illness, personal development and computerised cognitive behavioural therapy.

Work: Work/life balance, workplace pressure, bullying and harassment.