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Three ways we just made your (and a client’s) life a bit easier

05 September 2018

Zurich’s new protection platform has a simple purpose: to make advisers’ lives a bit simpler…

live easier

Did you know that millions of PCs are still running Windows XP?(1) That’s the Windows XP that launched in 2001, the same year Tony Blair was elected for a second term. It still works, but there are better options for Microsoft customers.

Believe it or not, until now, we could trump that: our protection system dated back to the 1980s, and we’ve made a number of updates since. It still works, but now we’ve built something we believe is bigger and better for financial advisers and their clients.

We have launched a 21st Century protection system that offers advisers and customers more control, choice and flexibility. Ultimately, it will make your life a bit easier. Here are three reasons why…

Easier to recommend

The protection options available to you should be broad enough to meet most clients’ needs.

Zurich has launched critical illness (CI) and income protection (IP) each with a choice of ‘core’ or ‘select’ level benefits.

Among a number of upgrades, the critical illness policy includes optional children’s cover from birth until age 22. Meanwhile, the income protection policy covers 80% of a client’s net pay.

Zurich has also enhanced its term life insurance, and all three products – CI, IP and life – can be boosted with non-underwritten, optional, fracture cover. And there’s a discount when more than one policy is bought.

Easier to buy

It may be true that, after a lengthy fact-find about a mortgage deal for your clients, they probably don’t want another 45 minutes of red-hot protection chat.

With Zurich, if you or your clients wish, you can delegate the underwriting questions to the client at home. This might not be for everyone. But, knowing that underwriting involves some fairly personal medical questions, this gives your clients a further layer of confidentiality.

Additionally, for declined or rated cases, we will offer your clients the best possible alternative. For example, if critical illness insurance is declined but life cover is accepted, we will offer a life cover policy. If one life is declined on a joint life policy, we will offer a single life policy instead – and there is no need to key in any more information.

Easier to service

Zurich’s new protection platform has been designed to put advisers in control.

With the new portal, you can easily increase or decrease your client’s cover, tweak the policy term, change smoker status, and add or remove benefits, such as children’s benefit or multi-fracture cover.

You can also upgrade or downgrade CI or IP between ‘core’ and ‘select’ levels, alter the deferred period on IP, and change the interest rate assumption on decreasing policies.

Our new portal also means clients can keep up to date with their cover, change their address and, if necessary, alter their direct debit details.

These provide a glimpse of the enhancements we have made to Zurich protection.

But though the developments are numerous, they all add up to a far simpler journey for advisers and their clients, putting you in control.

To find out more about Zurich’s new protection system, visit



This information was first published and correct as of September 2018

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