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Fund name changes following a systems update in December 2017

16 February 2018

Please note that a number of Sterling and Zurich funds changed their names in December 2017.


Sterling Bond

Old name

New name
Sterling Aviva Investors Property Trust
 Sterling Aviva Investors UK Property
 Sterling BlackRock Cont European Equity Tracker
 Sterling iShares Cont European Equity Index
 Sterling BlackRock Emerging Markets Equity Tracker
 Sterling iShares Emerging Markets Equity Index
 Sterling BlackRock Japan Equity Tracker
 Sterling iShares Japan Equity Index
 Sterling BlackRock North American Equity Tracker
 Sterling iShares Nth American Equity Index
 Sterling BlackRock Pacific Ex Japan Equity Tracker
 Sterling iShares Pacific Ex Jap Equity Index
 Sterling BlackRock UK Equity Tracker
 Sterling iShares UK Equity Index
 Sterling BlackRock UK Gilts All Stocks Tracker
 Sterling iShares UK Gilts All Stocks Index
 Sterling Defensive
 Sterling Managed Bond
 Sterling Defensive Equity & Bond
 Sterling Managed Bond Focused
 Sterling Equity & Bond
 Sterling Managed Equity & Bond
 Sterling Global Equity
       Sterling Managed Equity
 Sterling Global Equity & Bond
 Sterling Managed Equity Focused
 Sterling Henderson Global Care Growth
 Sterling Henderson Global Sustainable Equity
 Sterling Henderson Multi-Manager Absolute Return
 Sterling Henderson Multi-Asset Absolute Return
 Sterling M&G Global Basics
 Sterling M&G Global Themes
 Sterling Managed Income
 Sterling Managed Equity Income

Zurich Investment Bond

Old name
New name
Zurich Defensive EL
Zurich Managed Bond EL
Zurich Defensive Equity & Bond EL
Zurich Managed Bond Focused EL
 Zurich Equity & Bond EL
 Zurich Managed Equity & Bond EL
 Zurich Global Equity & Bond EL
 Zurich Managed Equity Focused EL
 Zurich Global Equity EL
 Zurich Managed Equity EL

Portfolio Investment Bond

Old name

New name 
 Zurich Defensive AL
 Zurich Managed Bond AL
 Zurich Defensive Equity & Bond AL
 Zurich Managed Bond Focused AL
 Zurich Equity & Bond AL
 Zurich Managed Equity & Bond AL
 Zurich Global Equity 2001 AL
 Zurich Managed Equity 2001 AL
 Zurich Global Equity & Bond 2001 AL
 Zurich Managed Equity Focused 2001 AL
 Zurich Henderson Industries of the Future AL
 Zurich Henderson Global Sustainable Equity AL
 Zurich M&G Global Basics AL
 Zurich M&G Global Themes AL
 Zurich Managed Income 2001 AL
 Zurich Managed Equity Income 2001 AL

Zurich Pension

ld name
New name
 Zurich Defensive EP  Zurich Managed Bond EP
 Zurich Defensive Equity & Bond EP  Zurich Managed Bond Focused EP
 Zurich Managed Income EP  Zurich Managed Equity Income EP
 Zurich Defensive AP  Zurich Managed Bond AP
 Zurich Defensive Equity & Bond AP  Zurich Managed Bond Focused AP
 Zurich Equity & Bond AP  Zurich Managed Equity & Bond AP
 Zurich Global Equity AP  Zurich Managed Equity AP
 Zurich Global Equity & Bond AP  Zurich Managed Equity Focused AP
 Zurich Henderson Industries of the Future AP  Zurich Henderson Global Sustainable Equity AP
 Zurich M&G Global Basics AP  Zurich M&G Global Themes AP