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Columbia Threadneedle is making changes to the Threadneedle Japan fund

25 October 2017

Columbia Threadneedle has decided to make some changes to the way the Threadneedle Japan fund is managed.


Columbia Threadneedle has told us that with effect from 1 November 2017, investment decisions for the fund have been delegated from Threadneedle Asset Management Limited to Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC, a US-based investment manager in the Columbia Threadneedle group of companies.

Columbia Threadneedle has also told us that following this change:

"The fund manager will invest in fewer companies than is currently the case. This is to align the Fund to the US team’s current investment style and preference for a more concentrated portfolio of securities. The risk profile of the Fund will be adjusted to reflect the way in which the Fund will be managed. The fund manager will target higher returns above the benchmark and adopt a more concentrated approach. Higher concentration and conviction around stock selection can lead to better performance and moderately higher stock selection risk."

Funds and Products affected by this change

This affects customers invested in these funds through the following products:

Zurich Intermediary Platform
Threadneedle Japan Z Acc GBP Clean
Threadneedle Japan Retail Net Acc GBP

Sterling Investment Bond
Sterling Japan
Sterling Japan 2

Sterling ISA and Sterling Investment Account
Threadneedle Japan Z Acc

Zurich Pension
Zurich Japan 1 EP
Zurich Japan 2 EP
Zurich Japan ZP

Zurich Investment Bond
Zurich Japanese 1 EL
Zurich Japanese 2 EL
Zurich Japan 2001 AL
Zurich Japan G4 AL

How will we communicate these changes?

We will write to you with a list of your clients invested in these funds (unless you have clients invested in the fund on the Zurich Intermediary Platform in which case you should run a Total Holdings report and filter on the Threadneedle Japan fund). We’ll also write to your clients but if any of them contact us, we’ll strongly advise them to contact you for more information.

Download notification from Columbia Threadneedle

Download example of customer letter