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TCF - Embedded in everything we do

TCF is, and will remain embedded in our business as an absolute ‘given’. Full stop!

What is TCF?

Treating Customers Fairly is a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) initiative to improve confidence among consumers in the financial services industry.

There are six key outcomes and below you will find a summary of the steps we have taken to meet them.

Climate change

We take the issue of climate change, and our responsibility to monitor our impact on it, very seriously. We have a global initiative focused on the development of a long-range carbon management strategy. Less print - more recycling.

We continue to look for green friendly ways to reduce - where possible - the amount of printed literature we produce. This is why you’ll increasingly find information on our products and services online

Did you know we we’re one of the first companies in the financial services market to encourage customers to recycle by including a recycle logo on our printed material? Now you do.

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