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05 September 2018

Insuring women: How the industry needs to adapt

Insurers must recognise the unique risks faced by women. So what changes are they making?

05 September 2018

Is this the best kept secret in financial services?

From advice on nursery schools to counselling support, added-value services in protection are amazing. So why aren’t more clients using...

05 September 2018

Protection and the rise of the annual review

As protection is discussed more frequently, advisers’ (and clients’) ability to make simple changes to policies is vital…

05 September 2018

Why underwriting just got (a bit) exciting

From the tortoise to the hare – underwriting just became the quickest, slickest area of protection, writes Scott Sinclair…

Advice Matters

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Advice Matters is our monthly magazine (digital and print) for professional financial advisers. It aims to inform and challenge readers, and report on topics and events of interest.

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